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Updated Guide to Making Your Own Manual (3 Posts)
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February 26, 2010 04:03AM
Updated Guide to Making Your Own Manual
Dart-Chan - February 26, 2010 04:03AM
This is a guide to creating your own manuals for PSXPSP games. Originally created by Azumandias and it hasn't been touched in quite a while but with new firmwares such as the new 5.50GEN-A to 5.50GEN-D3, so everything here is just copied from Azumandias' manual but updated to fit the new firmwares

Step 1 - Obtain images or texts of your manual. each picture should be 480x480 have not tested bigger sizes, but if the image height is greater than the length the image will cut out once reaching 450 pixels. Standard format is to have the pictures as PNGs named 0000.png-ZZZZ.png

Step 2 - Download the PSP DocMakerGUI from TheNameless.

Step 3 - Open the PSP DocMakerGUI and click on Select Files. Browse through the directory which contains your PNGs and use CTRL/SHIFT to select them all, or add them one by one.You can also add text files to your manual by clicking Add Textfiles. The PSP DocMakerGUI will take care of splitting the text files into however many pages are needed. Make sure when adding the pictures or text files you place them in the proper order the program will not order them for you.

Step 4 - Choose your game's disk ID. the disc ID has to be correct for the game to run the manual. if your having trouble finding your games Disc ID or the manual doesn't show up, start the game and create a save file, go to your XMB screen connect to usb and open the ms0:\PSP\SAVEDATA\ and look at the code located on the folder it should look like this "XXXX#####" without quotes Ex: SCUS94491

Step 5 - Click Create, then save the generated DOCUMENT.DAT in the same folder as the game's eboot.pbp. (i.e. the LoD DOCUMENT.DAT would go in ms0:\PSP\GAME\LoD\)

It really is that simple to create a game manual, thanks to TheNameless's work and Dark_Alex's wonderful hacking. The difficult and Tedious part can be creating the PNGs in the first place.

If anyone tests out larger image sizes or other firmwares other than the 5.50GEN Series PM me your results and I'll let everyone else in on your findings.

One last note, if you do use this guide to create a manual, please post it here. If you do not have a file host, send the file to Azumandias by e-mail and they'll host it for you and give you the link to post.
Re: Updated Guide to Making Your Own Manual
Azumandias - February 26, 2010 08:11AM
Dart-Chan thank you for updating the guide. I have put it to the top of the list in place of my older guide.

Thanks again!
Re: Updated Guide to Making Your Own Manual
Dart-Chan - February 26, 2010 05:15PM
no problem just thought it could use a little sprucing up, but I still hope I left enough credit there for you.
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