Any psxpsp manual questions will be answered in this forum. Some basic tutorials are also available here.
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PSXPSP Manual Guide - How to install, how to use. (1 Post)
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January 14, 2007 01:21PM
PSXPSP Manual Guide - How to install, how to use.
Azumandias - January 14, 2007 01:21PM
The manuals posted here allow you view a psx game's manual while playing it on your psp.

Download the manual from this site.
Extract the document.dat file to that game's folder on your psp memory card.
Make sure your game is using the same disk id as the manual (SCUS#####/SCUS#####/etc.)

When you open a psx game on your psp, wait for the game to load.
Press home on your psp and choose Software Manual from the menu.
You will be able to browse through the manual with the d-pad.
Left/Right = move to previous/next page.
Up/Down = move up and down on the current page.
Circle = exit manual.

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