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Guide to Check and Change Game/Manual Disc IDs (1 Post)
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February 10, 2007 11:17AM
Guide to Check and Change Game/Manual Disc IDs
Azumandias - February 10, 2007 11:17AM
This tutorial will walk you through changing a manual's disc id to match your game's disc id. This process has become necessary in 3.10 OE-A because you will get an error stating that there is no available manual if the two disc ids do not match. All manuals uploaded here use the standard disc id, but your game's id may not match. With this tutorial, any manual can be altered to work with any game.

Click here to view the youtube tutorial I have created which shows the following steps:

1 - determine the disc id of your game's eboot.pbp (note my demo is using my Suikoden II eboot and manual so the disc id will be different). In order to view your game's disc id you need to download the PopStation Frontend v1.2.5 program from smiths (Download here from Run the PopStation Frontend and click on Fetch existing EBOOT ID/title. Browse for your game's eboot.pbp in the file dialog and open it. The Disc ID will be displayed in the second row of fields in two sections, the 4 letters and 5 numbers. Remember those letters/numbers.

2 - In order to get and change the manual's disc id you will need the IceTea v1.3 program from tommydanger (Download here from Run IceTea and click on Manual from the top menu then select Patch game id from the submenu. In the box that opens, click on Open then browse for your manual's document.dat in the file dialog and open it. The manual's disc id will be displayed in the greyed out box labeled Current game id. If the manual's disc id does not match your game's disc id, enter the game's disc id in the New game id fields (select the 4 letters and type in the 5 numbers) then click on Patch manual. You will get a confirmation window and your manual should now work with your game.

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