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Guide to Uploading Your Manuals (1 Post)
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January 17, 2007 07:47AM
Guide to Uploading Your Manuals
Azumandias - January 17, 2007 07:47AM
First off, thank you in advance to anyone who would like to upload manuals here. Your support of the psp community is much appreciated.

Uploading and sharing your manuals is not a difficult process, though it can be time-consuming with large manuals.

Step 1 - Create an orbitfiles account (recommended) or host the file on some file-hosting site. To create an orbitfiles account, go to and fill in the necessary info. You will need to verify your account through email.

Step 2 - Host your file on orbitfiles. Once you logon to orbitfiles, go to the My Storage section. Be sure to check the box labeled Allow public access to my files. If you will be hosting private files as well you can check Allow public access for shared files and folders only. Now create folders (if you want) by typing the name of the folder into the box labled Create folder and hit Go. Now you can go into that folder (or stay in the root folder) and click on Add file input. This will create an upload box. Click Browse to find your document.dat (preferably in zip/rar format with a unique name [i.e.]). Then click Upload. Note you can select multiple files to upload by clicking Add file input multiple times. However, if the files get too large your upload may time out. One last note, if you opted to allow public access only to certain files, be sure to click on the globe icon next that file then click on Enable Share.

Step 3 - Share your file here. Once your upload to orbitfiles is complete you can create a thread in either the User PSXPSP Manuals or PSXPSP Guides, Walkthroughs, Maps, and More forums. Create a thread there, then copy the shortcut to your file (right click on the file link in the orbitfiles My Storage section and choose Copy Shortcut) and paste the url (i.e.

That's all it takes to share your manuals and support your fellow gamers.

If you have any other questions or thoughts, please post them in this Help forum.

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