Having problems with manual quality (1 Post)
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August 05, 2008 03:29PM
Having problems with manual quality
killias3 - August 05, 2008 03:29PM
I hope this is the right forum for this. As far as I can tell, it's where questions should be posted.

I've tried to make a Harvest Moon and a Mega Man X5 manual, and neither had decent quality. What would cause this? The X5 manual was from a pdf over at replacement docs, and the Harvest Moon was from some png scans I found on the internet. The quality on the Harvest Moon scans may have been so-so, but the X5 pdf was fine.

I'm using SharePDF because someone here said that its a decent program to convert pdf files to jpg. I've tried low and high compression in the docmaker. Am I missing something?

Edit: If I had to guess, there are two things going on:
Number 1: For some reason, it's not blowing up the manual on the PSP like it does with manuals others made.
Number 2: In the scans I have, often 2 pages are put together. If I had an efficient way to split them up, the image quality would be higher.

Edit 2:
Splitting the images into half really worked well. It took a while (I used GIMP, a free image editing program), but the quality is much much higher. I'd upload the MMX5 manual, but all the filehosting sites are giving me trouble right now when I try to upload....

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