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New helping hand! (5 Posts)
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February 26, 2009 07:04PM
New helping hand!
politoe - February 26, 2009 07:04PM
So I was lurking the forums for awhile for manuals and finally got a scanner so I can work on some of the stuff that still isn't out there or rework some old ones. You can download individual png's or ready to go manuals. Enjoy!

*Tales of Destiny(might be my last since I'm out of games)


Front Mission 3[U] (Manual / PNGs)
Grandia[U] (Manual / PNGs)
Marvel Super Heroes [U] (Manual / PNGs)
Megaman Legends[U] (Manual / PNGs)
Megaman X5[U] (Manual / PNGs)
Parasite Eve 2[U] (Manual / PNGs)
Rival Schools[U] (Manual / PNGs)
Tales of Destiny [U] (Manual)

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Re: New helping hand!
Azumandias - February 27, 2009 09:25AM
I'm glad you have found this site so useful but I am even happier that you have taken the time and effort to contribute as well. You work will be very much appreciated!

As you upload your manuals to MediaFire, I will also be uploading them to this site as I have run into trouble with even the best sites losing files in the past. I will add a direct link to this site's copy for each listing you have.

Thanks again for your hard work and your willingness to share. We look forward to more offerings from you in the future smiling smiley  :)
Re: New helping hand!
Azumandias - April 01, 2009 06:00PM
Sorry to hear you are out of games, but all the work you have done is really appreciated! Thanks again.
Re: New helping hand!
Darkside - April 11, 2010 10:00PM
the Mega Man Legends manual has errors, including the names of characters, The button for Roller Dash is [] not (), When Mega Man was dead after his shield was destroyed and had no money, and the back cover advertises Breath of Fire III, and even the pictures for Dash and Jump Parts were interchanged. Here are the list of errors as featured in the game script:

(Story): Barell should be Barrell. The Mother Lode is NOT a "family treasure."
Nine years, not fourteen years, have passed since Roll's parents disappeared at
the time of this game (see MegaMan Legends 2)
(Special Techniques): CIRCLE button, not SQUARE button, activates Roller Dash.
(How to Play): You cannot call out Data at will and "tokens" do not exist. And if
you are already destroyed, it would be too late for Data to "fix you up" anyway.
(Game Screens): Weapon Special should be Special Weapon. The misspelled "specail"
should be "special".
(Beginner's Guide): Items that you can buy are only found in junk stores; shopping
areas don't have anything you can buy.
(Items): Deflector should be Refractor. The Jump Parts and Dash Parts pictures
are reversed.
(Characters): Barrel should be Barrell.
(The Bonne Brothers): The Bonne Brothers should be the Bonne family (although
Teisel, Tron, and Bon are all siblings, they're not all guys). Teasel should be
Teisel. Tron is the little sister, not eldest daughter, of Teisel Bonne. Bomb
Bonne should be Bon Bonne. Servebots should be Servbots.

I should you change your manual to text.

here is the site:

Return to me after you created the manual.

Re: New helping hand!
Darkside - April 11, 2010 10:01PM
Do it now, Azumandias!
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